September Worksheets for Kindergarten: Essential No Prep Fall Activities

Whether it’s practicing counting with apples or learning new words associated with fall, these September worksheets for kindergarten are a fun way for students to learn while celebrating the fall season. In addition to being festive and fun, the fall worksheets help reinforce important kindergarten math and literacy skills. So whether your child is just starting out in kindergarten or you’re looking for some extra practice at home, be sure to check out this collection of fall kindergarten no-prep activities!

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September Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will love these September fall-themed literacy worksheets! They’ll help your students learn important literacy skills while also getting them excited about all of the wonderful things that fall has to offer. Included are a variety of worksheets that focus on different literacy skills including letter recognition, beginning sounds, sight words, and rhyming. These worksheets are the perfect way to keep your kindergarteners engaged and learning during the autumn months.

Word and Letter Sorting Cut and Paste Worksheet

Letters and words are the building blocks of language. Sorting them helps children learn to read and write. This kindergarten worksheet provides practice in sorting words and letters. Children will cut out the letters and words, then glue them in the correct column.

Word and Letter Sorting Fall Activity

Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

These tracing worksheets feature both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet along with letter formation guidelines. This helps students to visually recognize the shape of each letter and how it is formed. Also, tracing letters is a great way to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Alphabet Letter Tracing Worksheets

Alphabet Letter Match Worksheets

The Alphabet Letter Matching worksheets are a great way for students to learn the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters and to match the letters of the alphabet. To complete the letter matching worksheet, students will look spin an uppercase letter and color the corresponding lowercase letter. Featured on the worksheets are uppercase and lowercase alphabet strips to help students find the matching letters.

Spin and Color Alphabet Worksheets

Alphabet Letter Maze Worksheets

Looking for a fun way to help your child learn the alphabet and abc order? This alphabet letter maze worksheet is a great way for kids to learn their uppercase and lowercase letters. The maze is made up of all 26 letters of the alphabet. Kids will start at the letter A and find their way through the maze to the letter Z. This is a great way for kids to learn their letters and have fun at the same time.

Alphabet Letter Maze worksheets for uppercase and lowercase letters

Identifying Vowels and Consonants Worksheets

Vowels and consonants are the basic building blocks of reading and writing. By understanding the difference between them, young children can begin to sound out words and build their reading and writing skills. The following fall-themed worksheets have students identify and color vowels and consonants.

Vowels and Consonant September Worksheets

September Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic awareness is the understanding that spoken language is made up of smaller units of sound, called phonemes. It is a critical building block for reading success. These September phonemic awareness worksheets are perfect for kindergarten students who are beginning to learn phonemic awareness skills.

Each worksheet focuses on a different aspect of phonemic awareness, such as identifying rhyming words or counting syllables. The activities are fun and engaging, and they provide valuable practice in hearing and manipulating the individual sounds in words.

Counting Syllables

This worksheet is perfect for helping your students learn how to count syllables. It’s easy to use and understand, and it’s sure to keep your students engaged as they learn. Plus, it’s a great way to assess their understanding of the concept.

September fall-themed counting syllables worksheet

Rhyming Words Worksheets

Rhyming words are an important part of early literacy development. By kindergarten, most students can identify some basic rhyming words. These worksheets provide a fun way for students to practice identifying rhyming words. By matching and coloring the rhyming pictures, students will reinforce their understanding of how words sound when they are put together. Worksheets are included for each short vowel.

Fall Rhyming Words Worksheets

Beginning and Ending Sounds Worksheets

Identifying beginning and ending sounds are an important skill for kindergarteners to learn. These worksheets provide a fun and effective way for students to practice this skill.

In the first set of worksheets, students color the matching beginning or ending sound letter.

Beginning and ending sound worksheets

The second set of beginning and ending sound worksheets extends the skill by having students write the complete word.

Fall themed beginning and ending sounds worksheets

September Sight Word Activities

Looking for a fun and engaging way to help your students practice identifying sight words? Try these Sight Word Hunt worksheets! Students color the matching focus sight word in each grid. Worksheets are included for all pre-primer sight words.

September Sight Word Hunt worksheets

Fall Color Words Activity

Color words are another important concept for beginning readers. These are usually the first words that students learn to read and write. This fall-themed worksheet is a great activity for learning color words.

September color words worksheet

September Beginning Writing Worksheets

For many kindergarten students, writing can be a daunting task. However, by providing a variety of introductory writing activities, students can begin to build the confidence they need to succeed.

Tracing worksheets help students to develop the fine motor skills needed for writing. By tracing simple shapes and lines, students begin to understand how to make the marks they need to form letters.

Fall Tracing Paths Worksheet

Labeling worksheets provide an opportunity for students to practice reading and writing simple words. This Apple Picking worksheet introduces kindergarten students to labeling by having them cut and paste the words to label the picture.

Fall Label the Picture Worksheet

These fall-themed writing prompt worksheets are just right for kindergarten students. Students complete the easy sentences by tracing the words and picking their favorite fall food or animal. Each item is represented by a picture to help students read the words.

Fall Sentence Writing Worksheets

September Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

This collection of September math worksheets for kindergarteners includes a variety of activities that are perfect for getting little ones engaged in learning. From counting, numbers and subitizing to shapes and patterns, these fall-themed math worksheets are a great way to teach and reinforce basic math skills.

Counting 1 to 20 Math Worksheets

These September math worksheets have students count objects like leaves or apples, trace and count numbers from 1 to 20, and match numerals and number words.

Counting 1-20 Activities

Apple seeds counting 6 to 10 math worksheet
Counting apples 1 to 10 math worksheet
Counting leaves 1 to 10 math worksheet

Number Order 1-20 Worksheets

Number order 1 to 20 cut and paste math worksheet
Number order 1 to 20 cut and paste completed math worksheet

Numbers Before and After Worksheet

Using a Numbers Before and After Math Worksheet, students will be able to practice identifying numbers that come before and after a given number. A number line is included to support students that are learning to count to 20.

Numbers Before and After Math Worksheet

Number Words 1 to 20 Worksheets

Number words 1 to 10 math activity
Number words 11-20 math activity

Tracing Numbers 1 to 20 Worksheets

Tracing numbers 1 to 20 math worksheet
Tracing numbers 11 to 20 math worksheet

Ten Frames

Ten frames help students visualize numbers by grouping them into tens. This is a helpful way for students to see how numbers can be broken down into smaller groups.

Apples ten frames 1 to 10 math worksheet
Apples ten frames 11 to 20 math worksheet
Spin and color a ten frame numbers 11 to 20 math worksheet

Subitizing Worksheets

Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of objects in a small group without counting them individually. This skill is important for kindergarteners as it lays the foundation for more complex math concepts such as addition and subtraction. These September math worksheets will help them develop their subitizing skills so they can be successful in math.

Subitizing Color by Code math activities
Subitizing Color by Code math worksheets

Number Comparison Activities

These number comparison math worksheets require students to count the number of dots in a ten frame and then compare the numbers they counted.

Number comparison 1 to 10 math worksheet
Number Comparison 11 to 20 math worksheet

Skip Counting

This fall-themed worksheet is a great way to introduce the concept of skip counting and help your students practice this important math skill. Students cut and paste the numbers in order by skip counting by 2s. The leaves guide the students as they skip count.

Skip counting by 2s math worksheet

Place Value Activities

Learning place value is an important math skill for kindergarteners. These math worksheet help students practice counting tens and ones for numbers 11 to 20.

September place value math worksheets

Number Bonds to 10

Number bonds are a key math concept for kindergarten students to understand. They lay the foundation for addition and subtraction, and help students visualize how numbers can be combined. This fall-themed number bonds to 10 worksheet is a great way for students to practice their number bonds skills. Students write the missing number in the square to complete the number bond.

Fall-themed numbers bonds to 10 math worksheet

Number Review Worksheets

The number review worksheets can help students identify numbers and number words, as well as count objects.

In the Number Match math worksheet, students color the apples matching the number in the apple basket.

Number Matching Math Worksheet for numbers 1 to 10

The following math worksheets review each number from 11 to 20 individually. Students color the matching number of objects and number word, trace the number and number word, and build the number word.

Number 11 number review math worksheet
September number review worksheets

2D Shapes Worksheets

In these 2d shapes math worksheets, kindergarteners will learn to identify 2d shapes.

What could be more fun than learning about shapes with autumn leaves? In the Color by Code: 2D Shapes worksheet, students color the 2d shaped leaves using the shape color code. In the second 2D Shapes math worksheet, students match 2d shapes to real-life objects.

2d shapes kindergarten math worksheets for September

Complete the Patterns Math Worksheets

In this math worksheet, students will practice identifying and creating patterns. Students cut and paste the cute fall objects to complete each pattern.

Fall-themed pattern math worksheet
September math pattern worksheets for kindergarten

Non Standard Apple Measurement Worksheet

When students are first learning about measurement, they are introduced to non-standard units. These units are often arbitrary and do not follow the standard units that they will encounter later. In this measurement worksheet, students use apples to measure apple related objects.

Non standard measurement with apples math worksheet for kindergarten

Fall Graphing Math Worksheet

This fall graphing math worksheet is the perfect way for kindergarten students to practice their graphing skills. With this worksheet, they will be able to identify and count fall objects, then graph them. This is a great way for students to learn about data interpretation and analysis.

fall graphing math worksheet

Parts of an Apple and Apple Lifecycle Worksheets

The apple lifecycle worksheet is a great tool to help students understand how apples grow. The worksheet starts with a picture of an apple seed. Then, it walks students through the different stages of the apple lifecycle. Students cut and paste the labels to match the lifecycle. Similarly in the Parts of an Apple worksheet, students cut and paste the labels to match the different parts of an apple.

Parts of an apple and apple lifecycle worksheets

September Worksheets for Kindergarten

The September selection of worksheets focus on math and literacy skills and are perfect for getting students excited about the fall season. With fun themes like autumn leaves and apples, these worksheets are sure to be a hit with your students.

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