Fall Math and Literacy No Prep Kindergarten Activities

Fall is nearly here and to make learning fun during this season I wanted to highlight my Fall Kindergarten No Prep Packets. They are full of fun and engaging activities that will keep your children motivated while they are learning all essential Kindergarten skills and outcomes.

Fall Kindergarten No Prep Math Worksheets

Fall Kindergarten No Prep Language Arts Worksheets

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Fall Kindergarten NO PREP Literacy Worksheets

This packet covers the following skills: alphabet, Beginning and Ending sounds, CVC words, scrambled sentences, labeling, parts of a book, and sight words.

Here is a list of all the no-prep activities included in this packet:

Alphabet & Letter Recognition

•Missing Letters

•Alphabet Sequence Puzzles

•Raking Letters I

•Raking Letters II

•Match and Write the Letters

Identifying Sounds

•Rhyming Pumpkins

•Autumn Sounds

•Falling for Syllables

•Beginning Sounds

•Ending Sounds

•Vowel Sounds

Reading CVC Words

•Real & Nonsense Words

•Let’s Read CVC Words: Short a

•Let’s Read CVC Words: Short e

•Let’s Read CVC Words: Short I

•Let’s Read CVC Words: Short o

•Let’s Read CVC Words: Short u

Sight Words

•Colorful Leaves

•Leaf Colors

•Autumn Sentences I

•Autumn Sentences II

•Color by Sight Word

Label the Picture

•Label the Scarecrow

•Parts of a Book

Scrambled Sentences

•Scrambled Sentences

Below are some of the activities in action.

Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet letters.

Let’s Read CVC Words: Children read the word, write the word, and color the matching picture.

Teach color words with this fun Fall themed coloring page.

Reinforce sight words with the color by sight word pages.

Parts of a Book cut and paste labeling activity.

Scrambled Sentences cut and paste activities using grade-appropriate sight words.

Fall Kindergarten NO PREP Math Worksheets

This packet covers all beginning kindergarten skills including numbers 1-20, skip counting, place value, addition and subtraction, measurement, graphing, and patterning.

Here is a list of all the no-prep activities included in this packet:

Numbers to 5

•Number Puzzle 1-5

•Color by Number

Numbers to 10

•Pumpkin Patch Count & Color

•Autumn Ten Frames

•Missing Pumpkins I

•Pumpkin Comparison

•Number Words

•Number Words Puzzle

•Autumn Ordinal Numbers

•Pumpkin Seed Tally Count

•Even & Odd Numbers

•Pumpkin Number Sort

Numbers to 20

•Ten Frames 11-20

•Ten Frame Comparison

•Autumn Tens and Ones

Counting by 10’s

•Missing Pumpkins II

•Bundles of Wheat

Addition & Subtraction

•Five Frame Addition Match

•Making 10

•Ten Frame Addition Match

•Color by Addition

•Color by Subtraction

•Pumpkin Subtraction

Measurement, Graphing, and Patterns

•Autumn Units

•Harvest Time I

•Harvest Time II

•Autumn Patterns

•Autumn Nature Walk

Below are some of the activities in action.

Compare numbers to 20 with ten frames.

Cut and paste the numbers on the pumpkins to match the number word.

Reinforce numbers to 20 with this cut and paste matching activity.

Color by Addition to 5. Perfect to start teaching addition skills.

Practice making ten with this fun Fall themed ten frame activity.

Introduce measurement with units to 10.

Telling time to the hour using an analog clock.

Explore patterns with pumpkins and leaves.

I hope you find these activities useful!


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