The October Digital Dice Centers are here with Halloween as the theme for this month’s math and literacy activities. Part of the Kindergarten Monthly Digital Dice Centers Bundle, the digital dice centers are a versatile and engaging way for kindergarten students to work on a variety of math and literacy skills. The centers and activities are a ton of fun, interactive, and easy to prep — just print the colourful mat or worksheet and load the matching PowerPoint dice. With the digital dice there is no chaos with dice rolling off tables! The dice can be used on computers, touch pads, or classroom boards, and you have the flexibility to switch the dice to target specific skills and outcomes or differentiate the activity based on a student’s needs.

October Math and Literacy Digital Dice Centers

Halloween Digital Dice Centers

Teachers love having a fun, engaging way to teach and reinforce math and literacy skills. Using dice games and dice activities in the classroom is a ton of fun. The students feel like they are playing a game instead of doing math or literacy ‘work’. The October Digital Dice Centers includes dice activities and games that students will love completing with the interactive digital dice.

Benefits of the Digital Dice Activities and Games in the Classroom

  • Digital Dice games are versatile as they can be used on desktop computers, laptops, touch pads, and classroom white boards. The file can be sent home for students that are learning remotely.
  • With Digital Dice Centers you can work on more skills at once than a traditional 6-sided dice allows.
  • The digital dice games and activities can be differentiated.
  • Digital Dice Centers are easy to prep with no need to print out and cut inserts for pocket dice.
  • Dice games teach social skills such as taking turns.
  • Digital Dice games are fun!

How to use the October Digital Dice Centers

Using the October digital dice and accompanying activities couldn’t be easier! Each digital dice is a PowerPoint presentation. All you need to do is play the slideshow and with the press of a button, click of a mouse, or swipe on a touch pad, the dice will roll on your screen. The best part is that these dice are not limited by six sides like traditional dice.

There are colorful activity mats and worksheets to accompany each of the dice. Furthermore, selected dice are interchangeable and can be used across different activities and worksheets. This gives you the ability to differentiate the activities and focus on skills and outcomes that your students need to work on. 

To complete the activities, the only supplies you need are small math manipulatives such as math cubes or pencils, markers, and crayons to complete the worksheets 

The October Digital Dice Centers can be used in:

  • classroom games
  • small group work
  • independent practice
  • math centers
  • literacy centers
  • remote learning

What’s included in the Kindergarten October Digital Dice Centers Bundle?

  • 46 colorful math and literacy mats
  • 46 worksheets
  • 36 virtual dice

Skills covered by the October Digital Dice Centers

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Number Order
  • Number Words
  • Tens and Ones
  • Tally Marks
  • Number Comparison
  • Subitizing
  • Making 10
  • Number Bonds for 5 and 10
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Letter Identification
  • Consonants and Vowels
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Letter Writing
  • Syllables
  • ABC Order
  • Pre-Primer Sight Words 
  • Rhyming Words
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Short Vowels (CVC Words)
  • Halloween Vocabulary

The October Digital Dice Centers in Action

Let’s take a look at a sample of the digital dice math and literacy centers included in the September Digital Dice Centers packet.

Digital Dice Math Centers

Numbers and Counting 1-10 Math Centers

Students work on counting sets, subitizing, numeral recognition, number order, number words, and number comparison. For each activity, you can choose to use the numeral dice, number words dice, or numeral and subitizing dots dice.

Subitizing Dots 1-10

Subitizing Dots Halloween Math Center

Counting Pumpkin Seeds 1-10

Counting 1-10 Math Center

Counting Spiders 1-10 using the Number Word Dice

Counting 1-10 Halloween Math Center

Build a Number on the Ten Frame for Numbers 1-10

Build a Ten Frame 1-10 Math Center

Roll and Cover a Ten Frame for Numbers 1-10

Roll and Cover a Ten Frame Math Center

Roll and Cover the Tally Marks

Tally Marks Math Center

Number Words 1-10

Halloween Number Words 1-10 Math Center

Number Order 1-10

Number Order 1-10 Math Center

Number Comparison for Numbers 1-10

The number comparison dice includes all number pair combinations to 10 for students to compare. The mat includes ten frames for students to build the numbers when comparing.

Number Comparison 1-10 Math Center

Numbers and Counting 1-20 Math Centers

Skills covered for numbers 1-20 include subitizing, counting, number sense, ten frames, number words, number order, and number comparison. All of the math activities include fall and Halloween images.

Build a Number 1-20

Build a Number 1-20 Ten Frame Math Center

Roll and Cover Ten Frames 11-20

Ten Frames 11-20 Math Center

Roll and Cover Place Value Blocks

Place Value Blocks Math Center

Roll and Cover Number Words 11-20

Number Words 11-20 Math Center

Number Order 11-20

Number Order 11-20 Math Center

Number Comparison 1-20

The number comparison dice to 20 includes all number pair combinations to 20 for students to compare. The mat includes ten frames for students to build the numbers when comparing.

Number Comparison for Numbers 1-20 Math Center

This number comparison mat can be used with students that are ready to be introduced to number comparison symbols.

Fall Number Comparison Math Center

Number Bonds for Numbers 5 and 10

Students complete the number bonds by rolling a number and using the 5 frame or 10 frame to find the missing number.

Number Bonds Math Center
Number Bonds for 10 Math Center

Addition and Subtraction Centers

The October Digital Dice Centers include beginning addition and subtraction math centers.

Addition to 5

Addition to 5 Math Center

With the making 10 digital dice, students explore number combinations for making 10 with a ten frame. Students will simultaneously learn the addition facts for the number 10 by writing the addition fact represented by the numbers and ten frame.

Making 10 Math Center

Subtraction from 5

Subtraction from 5 Math Center

Subtraction from 10

Subtraction from 10 Math Center

Digital Dice Literacy Centers

Alphabet and Letter Recognition Literacy Centers

Students roll an uppercase letter and cover the matching lowercase letter.

Alphabet Letter Recognition Literacy Center

Consonants and Vowels

Students will love this consonants and vowels race game to learn which letters are consonants and which letters are vowels. Students roll a letter and, using the colored alphabet strip at the top of the mat, students place a cube on the matching spider web. Which spider web will fill first?

Vowels and Consonants Letters Literacy Center

ABC Order

The ABC Before and After Center helps students learn abc order. Students roll an alphabet letter and place the letters that come before and after. The complete alphabet printed at the top of the mat gives support to students as they learn the alphabet.

ABC Order Letter Literacy Center

ABC Letter Writing

The Letter Writing Center is a fun way for students to practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Letter Writing Halloween Literacy Center

Beginning Sounds Literacy Centers

Beginning Sounds Halloween Literacy Center
Beginning Sounds Tic Tac Toe Literacy Center

Short Vowels

Rhyming Words Literacy Centers

Rhyming Words Halloween Literacy Center


Using Halloween vocabulary, students roll a picture and clap out the syllables.

Halloween Syllables Literacy Center

Sight Word Centers

Students can practice reading and building sight words with these sight word centers.

Halloween Sight Words Literacy Center
Sight Word Building Center

Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween Vocabulary Literacy Center
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