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Halloween Literacy Activities (Kindergarten)

I’m back today sharing some fun Halloween Literacy Activities for Kindergarten students. Like the Halloween Math Activities packet, these no prep Halloween printables cover a ton of essential literacy outcomes while keeping students engaged. Full of pumpkins and haunted houses, the worksheets are great for morning work, as a follow up to a literacy lesson or to use with substitutes.

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Activities included in the Halloween Literacy Activities (Kindergarten) packet.

The following activities are included in the Halloween Literacy Activities (Kindergarten) packet:

Alphabet & Letter Recognition

•          Alphabet Matching Puzzles (6 pages)

•          Missing Candy Corns

Identifying Sounds

•          Candy Corn Rhymes

•          Frightful Sounds (4 pages)

•          Beginning Sounds

•          Ending Sounds

•          Vowel Sounds

Reading Strategies

•          Word Family Match: Short a

•          Word Family Match: Short e

•          Word Family Match: Short i

•          Word Family Match: Short o

•          Word Family Match: Short u

•          Short & Long Vowels: a

•          Short & Long Vowels: e

•          Short & Long Vowels: i

•          Short & Long Vowels: o

•          Short & Long Vowels: u

Sight Words

•          Colorful Potions

•          Halloween Sentences I

•          Halloween Sentences II

•          Scary Sight Words (4 pages)

•          Color by Sight Word (4 pages)

Scrambled Sentences

•          Scrambled Sentences (4 pages)

Label the Picture

•          Parts of a Witch

•          Parts of Frankie

•          Parts of a Book (2 versions)

Let’s have a look at a sample of these Halloween Literacy activities in action.

Alphabet and Letter Recognition

Students will have so much fun learning ABC order with this Candy Corn alphabet printable. To support the students in this ABC activity, the alphabet is printed out for them at the top of the activity.

ABC Order Worksheet

Using the alphabet, students write the missing letters of the alphabet on the candy corns.

ABC Order Worksheet

Identifying Sounds

The Beginning Sounds worksheet is a great way to reinforce beginning consonant sounds in CVC words. Students look at each picture, identify the beginning sound and write it to complete the CVC word.

Beginning Sounds CVC Word Worksheet

For more practice in reading and writing CVC words there are 4 Frightful Sounds worksheets. In this activity, students write the beginning sound to complete the CVC word.

CVC words phonics worksheet

Then, students read the CVC word and cut and paste the matching picture beside the word.

Halloween CVC Words Worksheet

Reading Strategies

The ability to recognise and rhyme words is an important phonological awareness skill. Children that are able to rhyme words, develop an awareness of word patterns and sounds. This leads to greater reading success. In the Candy Corn Rhymes worksheet, students read and color the matching pair of rhyming words.

Candy Corn Rhyming Words

Word families are groups of words with a common letter or sound pattern. Children that are exposed to word families are able to recognise words faster and are able to read more fluently.

Halloween word family sort worksheet.

In the Word Family Match worksheets, students sort the words into their matching word families. There are 5 Word Family match printables; one for each short vowel.

Halloween Word Family Sort  worksheet

Students cut and paste the words and matching pictures under each word family group. This activity focuses on CVC words. Not only are the students sorting the words by word family, they are also reading the words and matching it to the correct picture.

Halloween word family sort worksheet

Kindergarten students can experience confusion with the vowel sounds when they are introduced to the long vowels. It’s important to contrast the long vowels sounds with the short vowel sounds. In the Short & Long Vowels worksheets students compare and sort short vowel and long vowel words.

Long and short vowel word sort worksheet

Students cut and paste the words and matching pictures into the long and short vowel groups. Each word is read and a matching picture is pasted beside the word.

Long and short vowel word sort activity

Sight Words

Sight words account for up to 75% of the words used in beginning children’s reading resources. The goal in learning sight words is for your students to be able to recognise these words at first sight. The Color by Sight Word activities are a fun hands on way for your students to practice reading these words while coloring the Halloween pictures.

Color by sight words Halloween kindergarten worksheet

There are 4 Color by Sight Words Halloween worksheets included in the packet.

Color by Sight Words Kindergarten Halloween worksheet

To help students with reading and spelling common kindergarten sight words, I have included 4 Scary Sight Words activity pages.

Sight Words worksheet

In this activity, students trace, box and write common kindergarten sight words. Pair this Halloween printable with magnetic letters and you have a simple hands on literacy centre. Students can build each of the sight words before they write the words.

sight words printable for Kindergarten

Once kindergarten students are introduced to letters, phonics and sight words, they get to put these skills together and work on reading and writing sentences. In the Halloween Sentences worksheet, students get to read and complete fun Halloween themed sentences.

Halloween sight word sentences worksheet.

Each sentence is missing a common sight word. Students write the missing sight word to complete the Halloween sentence. Pictures are provided as clues to help students with reading the sentences.

Halloween Sight word sentences worksheet for kindergarten students

The Colorful Potions worksheet helps students recognise and read basic color words. Students color each potion bottle to match the color word.

Color Words Halloween printable

Scrambled Sentences

Building and writing sentences is an emergent writing skill that students begin to work on in Kindergarten. Scrambled sentences is one type of activity that helps student construct complete sentences.

Sentence building and writing Halloween worksheet

Students cut and paste the words and arrange them to create a complete sentence. Then students write the sentence. This no prep Halloween activity gives children an opportunity to read and write sentences in a fun and engaging way.

Sentence building and writing Halloween worksheet

Labelling Activities

Another emergent writing skill in Kindergarten is labelling pictures. The Parts of a Witch Halloween cut and paste activity is a great hands on way for Kindergarten students to practice labelling.

Halloween Label the Witch worksheet

Students cut and paste the words to label the Parts of a Witch. More Labelling activities are included in the Halloween Literacy Activities (Kindergarten) packet.

Halloween Label the Witch worksheet

Lots more activities are included in the Halloween Literacy Activities (Kindergarten) packet! Click on the link below to purchase the packet.

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Halloween Literacy Activities K Cover

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