Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten)

Halloween is coming up, and with it comes the opportunity to make your kindergarten math lessons spooktacular! In this Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet, you’ll find a variety of fun and engaging activities that cover essential math outcomes. All of the printables are Halloween themed making the activities even more fun for little learners.

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Activities included in the Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet.

The following activities are included in the Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet:

Numbers and Counting

•  Halloween Count & Color

•  Potion Bottles (Counting with Ten Frames)

•  Teen Frames Count & Color

•  Tens and Ones (Base Ten Blocks & Teen Numbers)

•  Number Puzzle 1 – 5 (Cut and paste puzzle ordering numbers)

•  Number Puzzle 1 – 10 (Cut and paste puzzle ordering numbers)

•  Number Puzzle 11 – 20 (Cut and paste puzzle ordering numbers)

•  Witch’s Shoes (Skip Counting by 2’s)

•  Candy Corn Count I (Counting by 1’s)

•  Candy Corn Count II (Counting by 10’s)

•  Candy Corn Count III (Counting by 5’s)

•  Magic Potion Tally Count (Tally Marks)

•  Which Bag Has More Treats? (Comparing numbers and finding greatest)

•  Halloween Number Words

Addition and Subtraction

•  Ten Little Ghosts (Making Ten with Ten Frames)

•  Batty Bonds (Number Bonds within 10)

•  Scary Addition Puzzle 1 (Cut and Paste Puzzle Addition within 5)

•  Scary Addition Puzzle 2 (Cut and Paste Puzzle Addition within 10)

•  Five Frame Addition Match (Addition to 5)

•  Ten Frame Addition Match (Addition to 10)

•  Halloween Addition (Addition to 10 with bat counters)

•  Halloween Subtraction (Subtraction within 10 using number line)

•  Color by Addition

•  Magic Potions I (Making 5)

•  Magic Potions II (Making 10)

•  Candy Corn Subtraction

Measurement, Patterns, and Graphs

•  The Witching Hour (Time to the hour)

•  Trick or Treat Time (Time to the hour)

•  Scary Measurements (Measurement with ruler)

•  Halloween Units (Measurement with units)

•  Halloween Patterns (Patterning)

•  Halloween Candy Count (graphing)

Let’s have a look at a sample of these Halloween Math activities in action.

Numbers and Counting

You can count on these number and counting Halloween math worksheets to be your go-to resource for covering foundational number skills. Beginning with counting to 5, the activities progress through counting to 10 and then 20, followed by skip counting, number comparison, tally marks and number words. With the range of worksheets included, differentiation is a breeze.

In the Halloween Count & Color worksheet students count Halloween objects and color the matching number.

For a more hands on counting activity, students will love completing the counting 1-10 number puzzle. Students cut the mixed up picture into strips and re-arrange the strips into the correct number order.

The picture puzzle is a great way to support students that are still mastering counting 1 to 10. The students can use the picture to self check that the numbers are in the correct order.

The Candy Corn Count printable is also great for reinforcing counting from 1 to 10. Students cut and paste the missing candy corn numbers to complete the number sequence in each row.

This activity is great for reinforcing counting on from different numbers. The Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet also contains Candy Corn printables for skip counting by 5s and 10s.

Counting past 10 and recognition of teen numbers is covered with this ten frame counting printable. Teen numbers combined with ten frames will further develop the students number sense skills. The ten frames visually demonstrate that teen numbers always have 1 completely filled ten frame or a group of 10.

Skip counting is also important for developing number sense. This skill is a predecessor to multiplication and division in later grades. The Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet contains numerous skip counting printables for skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

In the Witch’s Shoes worksheet, students practice skip counting by 2s.

Students cut and paste the numbers to skip count by 2s. Students can use the shoes to check that the skip counting order is correct.

Tally marks are a great way to demonstrate the relationship between sequential counting and skip counting as the tally marks group together on every 5th one. In the Magic Potion Tally Count, students count the tally marks to see how many potion bottles the witch made from her brew in each cauldron.

To show their answer, students cut and paste the potion bottles to the cauldron with the matching number of tally marks.

The Halloween Number Words worksheet is designed to help Kindergarten students with reading number words. With this Halloween themed printable, your Kindergarten students will love learning their number words.

Addition and Subtraction

Once Kindergarten students start mastering their numbers and counting, they can be introduced to addition and subtraction. When introducing addition, the emphasis should be on using math counters or real life objects for a concrete hands on activity.

The Scary Addition Puzzle printable is a great math activity for combining with counters to practice addition to 5. Students cut out the puzzle strips and solve the addition problem on each strip.

Students paste each puzzle strip on the matching answer. The result is a cute Halloween picture that students can color.

For more hands on addition practice, students can complete the Halloween addition worksheet. In this math activity, students are provided with bat counters to help them solve the addition to 10 problems.

This is an ideal no prep math activity for use in math centers, small maths groups, with substitutes, or for homework.

An essential math outcome in Kindergarten is for students to be able to decompose the number 10. The Magic Potions math activity is a great way for students to visually explore ways to make 10. Using 2 different colors, students color the potion bottles to create different combinations that add to 10.

Number bonds are a great activity for creating fluency for composing and decomposing numbers for addition and subtraction. In the Batty Bonds activity for reviewing number bonds to 10, students find the missing number to complete the bond and write it in the blank bat wing.

The number line is a great tool for supporting students in their journey to mastering subtraction. Solving the subtraction facts with the number line helps kindergarten students move from understanding this concept in a concrete way to an abstract way. The Halloween Subtraction worksheet works on subtraction within 5.

Measurement, Patterns and Graphs

Telling time using an analog clock is a skill that young students need to master. The Witching Hour printable is a quick activity for reinforcing telling time to the hour on an analog clock.

Students cut and paste the digital time to the matching analog clock.

Measuring with non standard units is the first step Kindergarten students take to learning measurement. Measuring with non standard units means measuring with any object as long as the items used are the same size. The Scary Measurements math activity includes a Witch’s hat ruler for students to use in measuring Halloween objects.

Students cut the ruler out and use it to measure the Halloween objects. They record how many witch’s hats each object is in length or height.

A line is provided to support students with their measurements. Students record their answers in the boxes beside the lines.

Lots more activities are included in the Halloween Math Activities (Kindergarten) packet! Click on the link below to purchase the packet.

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