Halloween Fact Families – FREE Math Center

Fact Families show the relationship between addition and subtraction, and are used teach addition and subtraction facts. Using this approach improves a child’s mental calculation skills. The Halloween Fact Families Math Center is a fun way for your students to practice writing fact families and to learn their addition and subtraction math facts. The cute Halloween theme makes this an ideal addition to your October lineup of activities.

Free Fact Families Math Center for Halloween.

Included in the Halloween Fact Families Math Center are six task cards and a matching fact families worksheet. Each task card contains a set of three numbers which the students use to write two addition facts and two subtraction facts.

Make this a hands on Math Center, by pairing the task cards with colored math counters. This helps students to visually see the relationship between the addition and subtraction facts. Have the students switch the colored math counters around so they can see how the facts change from addition to subtraction.

Free Fact Families Math Center for Halloween task cards.

Laminate the task cards and use them with whiteboard markers. Students can either write their answers directly on the task cards with the whiteboard markers or record their answers on the Halloween Fact Families worksheet.

Free Fact Families Math Center for Halloween task cards and worksheet.

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