Help your students grow their Christmas vocabulary with this FREE Christmas Vocabulary Activities packet. Included are fun and engaging Christmas printables that will expose your students to Christmas words and help them work on beginning writing skills. Activities include Christmas labeling worksheets, a Christmas Word Find, and a ‘My Book of Christmas Words’ booklet for your students to make.

Christmas Vocabulary Activities

There are 3 different labeling activities included in the Christmas Vocabulary Activities packet. These are Label Santa, Label the Elf, and Label the Reindeer.

Label Santa worksheet

Each labeling worksheet includes a word bank and letterboxes to help the students label the Christmas picture. The letterboxes also help the students learn proper letter formation.

Label the Elf worksheet

After labeling the Christmas object, students can color their picture.

Label the Reindeer worksheet

The Christmas Word Find is another fun way to review Christmas vocabulary. Each word has a corresponding picture to help beginning readers identify the word. After finding the word, students can color the Christmas pictures.

Free Christmas Word Find

Students can also create their own Christmas vocabulary booklets with the My Book of Christmas Words activity. A cover and seven Christmas word pages are included in the printable. Students trace the word, box up the words, and color the corresponding Christmas picture. This activity is great for students learning to read and spell Christmas words.

My Book of Christmas Words booklet
Christmas Vocabulary Activities

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