December Worksheets for Kindergarten: Fun and Easy to Use Christmas Activities

Christmas is a time for festivities and joy, and kindergarten students can get in on the fun! For young learners, the December Worksheets for Kindergarten packet offers plenty of activities to help them celebrate the holiday season in a meaningful way. These Christmas worksheets provide an excellent opportunity to introduce or review math and literacy skills while also getting into the spirit of the holidays during the month of December.

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December Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

December is a magical time in the classroom and one of the best ways to celebrate this holiday season is with these festive kindergarten literacy worksheets. With a Christmas theme, these printable worksheets are sure to be popular activities among students. The December literacy worksheets vary from matching letters or words to simple writing prompts. Each activity involves Christmas-related images, such as Santa Claus or reindeers, that students find exciting and motivating. Whether it’s practicing letter recognition or writing out sentences using sight words, these December literacy worksheets provide students with a fun way to work on essential literacy skills during the holiday season!

ABC Order Letter Writing Worksheet

This Christmas ABC order worksheet is perfect for December! Students will love the cute Christmas graphics and you’ll love watching their letter recognition and letter writing skills improve. Students trace and write the missing letters of the alphabet.

Christmas ABC Order worksheet for kindergarten

Alphabet Maze Letter Tracing Worksheets

Alphabet letter tracing is a great way for kids to learn the alphabet and practice letter formation. These alphabet letter maze worksheets are a fun and interactive way for kids to practice tracing letters and learning ABC order. The worksheets includes a maze with letter paths. Students start at letter a and follow the path to trace the rest of the alphabet in order. As they trace the letters, they will also be practicing their fine motor skills. These worksheets are a great activity for kids who are learning the alphabet or for those who need extra practice with letter formation.

Alphabet Letter Maze worksheets for uppercase and lower case letters

Consonant and Vowel Worksheets

One of the first things that students learn when they start kindergarten is the difference between consonants and vowels. These two types of letters make up the alphabet and knowing the difference between them is essential to being able to read and write. These consonant and vowel worksheets can help students identify and learn the difference between consonants and vowels.

Consonant and Vowel Christmas worksheets for the month of December

December Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic awareness worksheets are a great way to help kindergarten students begin to understand the relationship between letters and sounds. By working on these worksheets, students will start to develop an awareness of how individual sounds can be combined to create words. This is an important skill for beginning readers, as it helps them to sound out words correctly.

Counting Syllables

Teaching children to break words down into their individual sounds, or phonemes, is an important step in learning to read. One way to help them understand phonemes is through syllables. A syllable is a unit of sound that has one vowel sound. Using syllables can help children learn to identify the different sounds in words and how they are put together. This syllables worksheet can help students identify syllables in words and clap out the number of syllables in a word.

Students say the name for the Christmas object and color the matching number of syllables. Located beneath each Christmas picture is the word for the object.

Counting Syllables Christmas worksheet for kindergarten

Rhyming Words Worksheets

Rhyming words worksheets for kindergarten help young students develop phonemic awareness. By hearing and seeing words that rhyme, they begin to understand that words have different sounds. These rhyming words worksheets provide students with the opportunity to practice identifying rhyming words. Students color the smiling face if the two pictures rhyme.

Rhyming words worksheets for kindergarten
Rhyming worksheet for kindergarten students

Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sound Worksheets

For many kindergarten students, being able to identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds is an important step in developing phonemic awareness. Most kindergarten students understand that words are made up of smaller units of sound, but they need a little practice putting it all together. These beginning, middle, and ending sounds worksheets provide the perfect opportunity to do just that! Students will look at a series of pictures and identify the missing sound in each word. These worksheets are a great way to develop phonemic awareness in young learners.

Missing beginning, middle, and ending sounds Christmas worksheets
Beginning sounds Christmas phonics worksheet for kindergarten

Beginning Digraphs Christmas Worksheets

Digraphs are an important part of phonics instruction. Introducing beginning digraphs to kindergarten students is fun and engaging with these Christmas worksheets! Students will love coloring in the pictures as they identify pictures with sound combinations ch, sh, th, and wh.

Beginning digraphs Christmas phonic worksheets for December

CVC Words Read and Color Worksheets

These CVC Words Worksheets are an ideal way to help students work on their reading skills. Each worksheet includes a picture, along with two cvc words. One of the words corresponds with the picture. Students enjoy coloring in each of the pictures as they try and figure out which cvc word goes with it. By matching the cvc words with the pictures, students will practice reading and increase their phonemic awareness.

Beginning Blends Worksheets

The activities on these worksheets help students identify and sound out two-letter blends such as “bl”, “fr”, and “st”. Students color the missing blend and write the blend to complete the word. Through completing these worksheets, students develop their phonetic skills which are essential for success in learning how to read and spell fluently.

Beginning Blends worksheets for December

December Sight Word Activities

Sight words are an important part of early reading and writing development. Kindergarteners can benefit from using sight word worksheets to practice identifying and spelling these high-frequency words. The sight word worksheets do not have to be boring! These I Spy Sight Words worksheets are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn their sight words. Students find, color, and graph the sight words hidden in the Christmas pictures.

Christmas sight word worksheets for kindergarten

Christmas Color Words Activity

Color words are another important concept for beginning readers. These are usually the first words that students learn to read and write. This Christmas-themed worksheet is a great activity for learning color words during the month of December. Students color the Christmas picture by reading the color words.

Christmas color words worksheet

December Beginning Writing Worksheets

For many kindergarten students, writing can be a daunting task. However, by providing a variety of introductory writing activities, students can begin to build the confidence they need to succeed.

These Christmas-themed writing prompt worksheets are just right for kindergarten students. Students complete the easy sentences by picking one of the choices to complete the sentence. Each item is represented by a picture to help students read the words.

Christmas complete the sentence worksheets

Christmas Word Search Worksheet

The Christmas Word Search Worksheet is a great way to introduce Christmas vocabulary to students during the month of December.

Christmas word search worksheet for December

December Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Christmas is the perfect time to help your students boost their math skills with some fun and festive worksheets. Included in the December worksheets for kindergarten packet are a variety of math worksheets for kindergarteners. From counting Christmas baubles to solving addition problems, these worksheets cover a range of math skills that are perfect for kindergarteners. And they’re all themed around Christmas, so your students will be motivated to keep learning while they have some holiday fun.

Counting 1 to 20 Math Worksheets

The December math worksheets have students count objects like Christmas tree baubles or Christmas stockings, trace and count numbers from 1 to 20, find their way through a number maze, and read number words.

Counting 1-20 Activities

Christmas counting to 10 math worksheets for December
Counting 1-10 Christmas math worksheet for December
Counting Christmas stockings cut and paste math worksheet for December
Number tracing Christmas worksheets for Kindergarten

Christmas Number Maze Worksheet

This Christmas math worksheet challenges students to make their way through a maze while counting numbers from 1-20.

Christmas number maze worksheet for numbers 1-20

What Number Comes After Activity

With the following math activities students are asked to identify what number comes after another. In the Counting On worksheet, students write the missing numbers on the Christmas train carriages.

Counting On Christmas math worksheet

This worksheet challenges students by having them write the number that is one less and one more. A number line is printed to support students that are learning to count to 20.

One Less and One More math worksheet fo kindergarten

For the following math worksheets, students spin a number on the spinner and color a stocking with a number that is one more or one less.

One more and one less math spinner worksheets

This skip counting by 2 worksheet is designed to introduce kids to the concept of skip counting with an exciting and festive twist. Students count the reindeer antlers and cut and paste numbers to skip count by 2.

Skip counting by 2s cut and paste Christmas math worksheet

Number Words 1 to 20 Worksheets

Number words are an important part of kindergarten math. These worksheets will help your student learn to identify and write the number words one through twenty.

Christmas number words worksheets for December
Christmas number words worksheet for numbers 1-10
Color by Code Christmas math worksheets for numbers 1-20

Ten Frames

Ten frames help students visualize numbers by grouping them into tens. This is a helpful way for students to see how numbers can be broken down into smaller groups.

Christmas Ten Frame math worksheets for numbers 1-10
Christmas ten frames for numbers 11-20 December worksheets
Ten Frames 11-20 Christmas math worksheet for kindergarten
Ten Frames 11-20 math worksheet for December

The Spin and Color a ten frame worksheets are a fun way for students to review matching numbers and ten frames.

Spin and Color a ten frame Christmas math worksheet

Challenge students with these Match and Write math worksheets. Students trace the number words and draw a line to the matching ten frame.

Number words and ten frame matching math worksheets for December

Tally Marks Activity

This Christmas color by code worksheet is a perfect way to help your students learn how to count and represent numbers using tally marks.

Christmas color by code tally marks math worksheet

Number Comparison Activities

These number comparison math worksheets require students to count the number of dots in a ten frame and then compare the numbers they counted. This provides a visual representation of the quantity the students are comparing.

Christmas ten frame comparison worksheets for numbers 1-10

After this, students can use the following worksheets to compare numbers.

Christmas number comparison worksheets for kindergarten

As students master number comparison, they can be introduced to using the comparison symbol with this Christmas decoration number comparison worksheet.

Christmas decoration number comparison math worksheet

Place Value Activities

Learning place value is an important math skill for kindergarteners. These math worksheets help students practice counting tens and ones for numbers 11 to 20.

Tens and Ones 11-20 math worksheet for kindergarten
Spin and Color place value blocks or tens and ones math worksheet

December Addition and Subtraction Math Worksheets

With Christmas themed images, these December worksheets for kindergarten are a fun way to get your students engaged in learning. Addition and subtraction can be tricky for young learners, but with these worksheets, they will be able to practice their skills and improve in no time.

Number Bonds to 10

Number bonds are a key math concept for kindergarten students to understand. They lay the foundation for addition and subtraction, and help students visualize how numbers can be combined. The Christmas-themed number bonds to 10 worksheets are a great way for students to practice their number bonds skills. Students write the missing number to complete the number bond.

Number bonds for 5 Christmas math activity for December
Number bonds for 10 Christmas math activity for kindergarten
Number Bonds Christmas math activity for December

Making 10 Math Worksheets

Making 10 math worksheets are a great way to help kindergarteners learn the basics of addition. This worksheet provides an effective and fun way for children to practice adding two numbers to make 10. The worksheet includes a ten frame to provide visual support for students learning to find combinations of 10.

Making 10 Christmas math worksheet

Christmas Ornament Addition Math Worksheet

Students count and add the Christmas ornaments.

Ornament addition math worksheet for Christmas

Ten Frame Addition Math Worksheet

Students color the ten frame to represent and solve the addition fact.

Ten Frame Addition math worksheet for Christmas and month of December

Spin and Add to 20 Math Worksheet

Spin and Add to 20 math worksheet for month of December

Spin and Subtract Math Worksheet

Spin and Subtract math worksheet for Christmas

Christmas Ornament Subtraction Math Worksheets

To help your students practice their subtraction skills look no further than this Christmas themed worksheets! All they need to do is cross out the matching number of Christmas ornaments and then count up the remaining ornaments to find the answer.

Christmas ornament subtraction math worksheets for December

For more fun practice, students will love to complete the Color by Addition or Subtraction Christmas-themed math worksheets.

Color by Code Christmas addition math worksheet
Christmas color by subtraction math worksheet for kindergarten

Christmas Lights Patterns Math Worksheet

In this math worksheet, students will practice creating patterns by coloring the Christmas lights using the color code.

Christmas lights math pattern worksheet for December

December Worksheets for Kindergarten

The December selection of worksheets focus on math and literacy skills and are perfect for getting students excited about the month of December and Christmas. With fun themes like Santa, elves, and reindeer, these worksheets are sure to be a hit with your students. 

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I hope you find these December Christmas-themed worksheets and activities helpful! 

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