Start the new school year with this fun FREE Back to School Spin and Graph activity. This Back to School themed activity will have your students counting, graphing and comparing school supplies. This activity is ideal for math centers or for guided math groups.

Free Back to School Graphing Math Activity

This Back to School spin and graph activity is super easy to prepare. You need to:

  • Print the required number of worksheets
  • For each worksheet, provide a large paper clip, pencil, and colored markers or pencils.

To complete the activity, students hold the point of their pencil in the center of the spinner and then flick the paper clip to make it spin. Using a colored marker or pencil, the student colors a square above the matching school supply on the graph.

FREE Back to School Spin and Graph Math Activity

Students continue spinning and graphing until one of the Back to School supplies reaches the top of the graph. Finally, students tick the school supply that they spun the most.

Grab Your Download

Download the FREE Back to School Spin and Graph Activity by clicking here or on the image below.

Free Back to School Spin and Graph Activity

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