August Worksheets for Kindergarten: Easy Time-Saving Activities for Teachers

The August Worksheets for Kindergarten are a great way to help your students learn important skills and get familiar with some of the concepts they will be learning in their first few weeks of school. Included are a variety of different August worksheets for kindergarten that focus on specific skills such as counting, shapes, phonemic awareness, sight words, and basic essential skills such as using glue. There are a lot of skills that your child will need to be successful in kindergarten, and these August time-saving worksheets are easy to use, versatile, and loved by students. These August worksheets are sure to keep your kindergarten students engaged and learning all month long!

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August Basic Skills Worksheets for Kindergarten

When kindergarten students enter the classroom, they bring with them a range of skills. Some students may be able to read and write, while others may not yet know how to hold a pencil. As a kindergarten teacher, it is important to have a variety of activities and worksheets on hand to help students develop all of the basic skills they need to be successful in school.

Basic skills such as holding a pencil and tracing, cutting, and gluing are some of the most important skills that students need to master in kindergarten. These activities will help them practice these skills so they can be successful in the classroom.

Tracing Paths Worksheets

Students trace a variety of lines. With this tracing worksheet, students develop fine motor skills such as pencil grip which will prepare them for writing.

Tracing Lines Kindergarten Worksheet for the month of August

Just a Dot Not a Lot Gluing Practice Worksheet

Gluing is an important skill for kindergarten students to learn. By having students complete a gluing practice worksheet, they will become more comfortable with using glue and be able to better complete projects in class.

The Just a Dot Not a Lot Gluing worksheet targets the gluing as well as counting.

Just a Dot Not a Lot Gluing Practice Kindergarten Worksheet for the month of August

All About Me No Prep Activity for Beginning of the School Year

This all about me kindergarten activity is the perfect way for your students to get to know each other and learn a little bit about themselves too! This activity can be done as a whole class or in small groups, and can be easily adapted to any age group.

To complete this activity, simply print out the all about me backpack. Each student will need one copy. Students complete the information about themselves, color and cut out the backpacks, and then hang up the finished projects in your classroom for everyone to enjoy!

All About Me Backpack Activity for Kindergarten Students for the month of August

August Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

These August literacy worksheets are designed to help your child learn the basics of reading and writing, and they cover everything from alphabet recognition and beginning sound, to syllable counting and phonemic awareness. With a mix of activities including coloring, tracing, matching, and more, your students will be engaged and excited to learn. These worksheets are the perfect way to introduce or review important literacy concepts.

Number and Letter Sorting Worksheet

This number and letter sorting worksheet is perfect for kindergarteners who are just learning to identify and differentiate between numbers and letters.

Sorting letters and numbers worksheet for kindergarten

Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

When it comes to teaching the alphabet and basic writing skills, letter tracing worksheets are a valuable tool. By tracing letters, kindergarten students can learn the correct formation of uppercase and lowercase letters. These worksheets also provide good practice for students who are learning beginning sounds and pencil grip.

Tracing letters of the alphabet kindergarten worksheet for the month of August

This alphabet letter matching worksheet is a great way for kindergarten students to learn their ABCs, identify upper and lowercase letters, as well as practice tracing the uppercase letters of the alphabet.

Matching uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet worksheet

Alphabet Letter Maze Worksheets

Looking for an alphabetical order worksheet for your kindergarten student? This letter maze worksheets are perfect for practicing putting uppercase and lowercase letters in ABC order. Best of all, and alphabet strip is located on each page for kindergarten students to use a reference. Just print and go – no prep required!

Alphabet maze worksheets for uppercase and lowercase letters  for the month of August
Alphabet uppercase letters maze worksheet

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds-known as phonemes-in spoken words. It is a critical skill for students to learn in kindergarten. By understanding how sounds work together to form words, students can start to read and spell.

Most kindergarten students have some basic phonemic awareness skills. For example, they can usually clap out the number of syllables in a word or identify the beginning sound in a word. However, some students need extra help developing these skills. There are a variety of ways to provide this support, including the following worksheets that have been designed to build phonemic awareness.

Counting Syllables

This worksheet is perfect for helping your students learn how to count syllables. It’s easy to use and understand, and it’s sure to keep your students engaged as they learn. Plus, it’s a great way to assess their understanding of the concept.

Counting syllables kindergarten worksheet for beginning of the school year in August

Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheet

This beginning sounds worksheet is the perfect way to help your kindergarten students practice and learn beginning sounds. This worksheet includes a variety of different pictures, and your students will need to identify the beginning sound for each one. Students cut and paste the matching beginning sound. This is a great way to help your students improve their phonemic awareness and have some fun too!

Beginning sounds kindergarten cut and paste worksheet

Sight Word Activities

Kindergarten students can benefit from sight word worksheets, which provide plenty of opportunity to practice identifying and reading these essential words. With the August sight word worksheets, students identify and color the matching sight word, trace the sight word, and build the word by cutting and pasting the letters in the correct order.

Sight word the worksheet for the month of August

Color Words

Color words are some of the first words that children learn. This simple worksheet provides students with the opportunity to identify and read color words. Students read the color word and color the paint blob using the matching color.

Color words worksheet

August Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

These August math worksheets are a great way to introduce basic math skills to your students at the beginning of the year. The worksheets include a variety of different math skills, such as counting and identifying numbers, and basic shapes.

Counting 1 to 5 Math Worksheets

Students count the number of objects and cut and paste the picture to the matching number.

Counting 1 to 5 math worksheet for kindergarten
Numbers 1 to 5 cut and paste counting worksheet

Ten Frames 1-10 Worksheets

When teaching kindergarten math, incorporating ten frame worksheets is a great way to help students with counting and number recognition. Ten frames are a visual way to represent numbers up to ten, and they can be used to count objects, add and subtract, and more. Kindergarteners can practice counting and number recognition with these ten frame worksheets.

Count and Color Ten Frames Worksheet for Numbers 1 to 6 for the month of August
Ten Frames Worksheet for Numbers 1 to 10 for the month of August

Counting 1-10 Math Worksheets

For many kindergarten students, counting to 10 is one of the first math skills they learn. And while it may seem simple, it’s an important foundation for more complex math concepts. Counting to 10 worksheets are a great way for students to practice this essential skill.

The following worksheet focuses on counting pencils and coloring the matching number.

Counting school pencils worksheet

Subitizing Math Activities

Another important skill for kindergarten students to learn is how to subitize, which means being able to quickly identify the number of dots in a small group without counting them one by one. The Color by Code: Dots 5-10 worksheet provides a fun way for students to work on this skill. Students use thee color code to color the matching number of dots and to reveal the school-themed picture.

Subitizing color by code math kindergarten worksheet for the month of August

Number Review Math Worksheets

If you’re looking for a way to review numbers with your kindergarten class, the following math worksheets are a great option. These worksheets can help students review number recognition, counting, subitizing, number formation, and number words. Included in the August No Prep Activities packet are number worksheets for numbers 1 to 10.

Number of the Day math worksheets for back to school

Number Comparison Activities

Comparing numbers is an important early math skill. This kindergarten worksheet helps students practice comparing numbers up to 10. Students compare the number of crayons and color the box with more crayons. The numeral is printed on the crayon box for students to connect the number of items with a numeral. Finally, a number line is included so students can see the relationship between numbers they are comparing in the number sequence.

Number comparison math worksheet for numbers 1 to 10

2D Shapes Worksheets

Kindergarten students will love these 2D shapes worksheets. They can trace the shapes and color them in using the color code, and they can match the 2D shapes to real life objects. These worksheets are a great way for kindergarten students to learn about 2D shapes.

2D Shapes Trace and Color worksheet
2D Shapes and Real life objects matching worksheet

August Worksheets for Kindergarten

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for kindergarten teachers. These August worksheets for kindergarten help save you time as you introduce new skills to your students for the upcoming year. By starting the school year with these worksheets and activities, you can assess each student’s individual skills and better tailor instruction to meet their needs. By working on these activities together, students will feel more comfortable in their new environment and be more likely to succeed in the coming year.

Lots more activities are included in the August No Prep Kindergarten Activities packet.

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August No Prep and Digital Activities

Are you looking for math and literacy activities that are fun but also target essential skills and outcomes? The August NO PREP and DIGITAL Activities packet has been designed to be highly engaging and is sure to make your kindergarten students excited about learning. Also, the No Prep and Digital activities will meet your teaching needs whether you are teaching in the classroom, online, or a mixture of both!

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August No Prep and Digital Activities

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