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Monthly Review April 2015

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April is a short month for us in terms of homeschooling. It’s when we have our Easter holidays, and over the two weeks we catch up with family, and enjoy the holiday activities on offer in our local community. And, although it felt like we didn’t achieve much, writing this post has reassured me that we […]

Sight Word Learning Centers


  With term 1 completed, and Easter holidays behind us, Ballet girl has settled into a good homeschooling routine. We have progressed from reviewing our basic phonograms and she is learning to read basic CVC words. For this area, we are using Reading Eggs and Explode the Code along with decodable readers. However, although Reading Eggs […]

Happy Easter

Easter Egg Counting

Happy Easter to one and all! The night is over, the sun is tall. The day did break with a tiny beam And flooded life with Light supreme. ― Paul F. Kortepeter, Holly Pond Hill: A Child’s Book of Easter

Our Reading Book Baskets for 2015


Reading is a big deal in our home. I have been reading to my children from day one and will continue to read-aloud to them for as long as they let me. There are many wonderful books out there and, to keep myself from forgetting which books we should read when, I have created book […]