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Best Australian Picture Books for Children

Best Australian Picture Books

Best Australian Picture Books for Children Australia Day is on the 26th of January. Leading up to this day, to remind my children of the wonderful country that they live in, we read a variety of Australian picture books. Some of these books feature Australian animals while others retell Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Some are classics that we have […]

Valentine’s Day Unifix Cube Game Mats


    When learning early math concepts such as counting, comparing numbers, and beginning addition and subtraction, we love to use Unifix Cubes. They are a great way for making learning those early concepts hands-on and fun. It’s even better when they are used as part of a game. Then, often children don’t even realise that they […]

Our Homeschooling Schedule


  When I started homeschooling, I used to spend hours online reading other homeschooling family schedules trying to work out how to manage all my daily responsibilities. And, even though in the beginning I found everything overwhelming, the tips I gleaned from my readings eventually helped me work out ways to organise our days. This is […]

Our Homeschool Room 2015 Tour


Welcome to our Homeschooling Room! Like most homeschooling families our learning is not just confined to the school room. Our family room couch is were we do our read-alouds and watch educational videos and our kitchen does double duty for science projects and practical life skills. However, I’m very grateful for having a dedicated space for our activities and […]