Winter Math and Literacy Activities for Kindergarten

Winter is here and to help you start the New Year off easily, I have created the Winter Math and Literacy Kindergarten Activity packets. These Winter Math and Literacy no-prep activities are super fun and will keep your Kindergarten students engaged while teaching essential Kindergarten skills and outcomes. All the printables are super easy to use – you just need to print and you’re ready to teach!

Winter Math and Literacy Activities

The following Winter worksheets are included in the Winter Math and Literacy Kindergarten Activities Bundle:

Winter Math Activities

Numbers 1 to 10

  • Winter Counting
  • Snowball Count
  • Before & After
  • Matching Sets
  • Winter Number Words
  • Winter Tally Count
  • Mitten Comparison I
  • Mitten Comparison II
  • Colorful Numbers 1-5
  • Colorful Numbers 6-10

Numbers 11 to 20

  • Ten Frames Count & Color
  • Chilly Ten Frames
  • Count on with Snowflakes
  • Place Value
  • Winter Blocks
  • Missing Snowballs
  • Skip Counting by 2’s

Numbers to 100

  • Count by 10 Puzzle
  • Count by 5 Puzzle

Addition & Subtraction

  • Making Snowballs
  • Addition Match
  • Winter Addition
  • Winter Message
  • Mitten Subtraction
  • Subtract from 5
  • Subtract from 10

Time, Measurement, & Data

  • Winter Time I
  • Winter Time II
  • Winter Patterns I
  • Winter Patterns II
  • How Many Mittens?
  • Winter Measurement
  • Winter Shapes
  • Winter Graphing

Winter Literacy Activities

Alphabet & Letter Recognition

  • Missing Mittens
  • Match & Write the Letters (7 pages)

Identifying Sounds (CVC Words)

  • Winter Syllables
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Middle Sounds
  • Ending Sounds
  • Hot Cocoa Search (Real & Nonsense Words)
  • CVC Sound It Out and Write (5 pages)

Word Families and Rhyming Words

  • Rhyming Snowman
  • Word Family Winter Trees (5 pages)

Long and Short Vowel Words

  • Mitten Sort (short & long a)
  • Mitten Sort (short & long e)
  • Mitten Sort (short & long i)
  • Mitten Sort (short & long o)
  • Mitten Sort (short & long u)

Sight Words

  • Color by Sight Word (5 Pages)
  • Colorful Mittens


  • Scrambled Sentences (4 Pages)
    • My Snowman
    • Sledding
    • Ice-skating
    • Polar Bear

Label the Picture

  • Label the Polar Bear
  • Label the Snowman

Fun Stuff

  • Winter Word Search

Below you will find a small sample of the no-prep printables included in the Winter Math and Literacy Activities packet.

Winter Counting

Students count the Winter objects and color the ten frame with the matching number.

Mitten Comparison

Students compare the ten frames in the mittens and color the mitten with the greater number.

Winter Number Words

Students read the number word in the cocoa mugs and color or dot the matching numeral.

Winter Units

Students measure Winter objects using a non-standard unit of measurement. A great printable to reinforce beginning measurement skills.

Missing Mittens – Alphabetical Order

Reinforce alphabetical order with this fun worksheet. Children use the alphabet line at the top of the page to help them fill in the missing alphabet letters.

Winter Syllables

In this activity, students clap the number of syllables for the Winter objects and color the matching number of circles.

Middle Sounds – Vowels

In this fun activity, students sound out the CVC words to find the missing vowel. They color the matching vowel and then complete the word by tracing the letters and writing the missing vowel in the middle.

CVC Sound and Write

Teach and reinforce identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds with this activity. Students look at the picture and circle the sounds to spell the CVC word. Then, they write the word. Printables for all short vowel words are included.

Color by Sight Word

Help children learn their sight words with this fun color by sight word activity. There are five color by sight word worksheets provided in the packet.

Sledding Scrambled Sentence

Reinforce reading and writing with this scrambled sentence activity. These worksheets include simple sentences with grade-appropriate sight words. The coloring picture provides a visual cue to help decode more complicated words.

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I hope you find these packets helpful in your teaching during the winter months!


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