Winter Math and Literacy Activities for 1st Grade

It’s officially Winter and what better way to get back into learning after the Winter break than with these super fun no-prep Winter Math and Literacy activities. Every worksheet in this bundle covers essential 1st-grade skills and outcomes while saving you time with lesson planning. All you need to do is print the worksheets and you’re ready to teach.

Winter Math and Literacy Activities for 1st Grade

The following worksheets are included in the Winter Math and Literacy 1st Grade Activities Bundle:

Winter Math Worksheets

Numbers & Place Value
• Count by 10’s to 120
• Count by 10’s to 120 Puzzle
• Puzzle Pasting Page
• Snowball Order
• Spin & Count On
• Snowball Count
• Place Value Match I
• Winter Ten Frames
• How Many More to Make 10
• Spin and Build a Number
• Tens and Ones
• Place Value Color In
• Even and Odd Numbers
• Winter Number Words I
• Winter Number Words II
• Comparing Numbers I
• More and Less
• Base Ten Spin and Color
• Comparing Numbers II
• Comparing Numbers III

Addition and Subtraction
• Spin & Add with Tens
• 10 More & 10 Less
• Missing Addends
• Missing Addends II
• Addition True or False
• Subtraction True or False Maze
• Equation Balance
• Subtraction from 10
• Winter Fact Families
• Snowman Number Bonds

• Winter Time I
• Winter Time II
• Winter Time III
• Winter Measurement
• Winter Measurement with Units
Winter Literacy Worksheets

• Alphabetical Order
• ABC Order Cut and Paste

Phonics and Word Study
• Winter Blends
• Beginning Digraphs
• Ending Digraphs
• Let’s Read CVCe Words (Long a)
• Let’s Read CVCe Words (Long i)
• Let’s Read CVCe Words (Long o)
• Let’s Read CVCe Words (Long u)
• Let’s Write CVCe Words
• R-Controlled Vowels
• Winter Compounds I
• Winter Compounds II
• Chilly Contractions

Language and Grammar
• Colorful Nouns
• Common & Proper Noun Sort
• Singular & Plural Noun Sort
• Nouns & Pronouns Sort
• Nouns & Verbs Sort
• Adjectives Maze
• Antonyms & Synonyms (Color by Code)

Writing and Reading
• Winter Punctuation
• Let’s Edit Winter Sentences
• All About Winter (Using a Table of Contents)
• Hot Cocoa Sequencing
• How to Build a Snowman Writing Frame
• Label the Girl Skiing
• Label the Penguin

Below you will find a small sample of the no-prep printables included in the

Winter Math and Literacy 1st Grade Activities Bundle

Teen Numbers – Spin & Build a Number

Reinforce teen numbers and place value with this interactive activity. Students spin a number and build a teen number. The number is composed visually using ten frames and then written beneath using numerals.

Winter Teen Numbers Spin and Build

Place Value Color In

Teach place value visually by having children color in base ten blocks to match the numeral. This is a fun and quick activity that helps students review tens and ones and build on their knowledge of numbers, the base ten system, and counting to 100.

Place Value Math Worksheet

Base Ten Spin and Color

This is another interactive activity that reinforces knowledge of numbers and place value in numbers to 100. Students spin the tens and ones spinners to build a double-digit number. Then they color in the base ten block to show the number visually.

Place Value Spin and Color

Comparing Numbers

Once students have mastered the recognition of numbers to 100, they can practice comparing numbers. In this activity, students color the mitten with the greater number and then write a symbol for greater than or less than.

Comparing Numbers to 100

More and Less

The More and Less worksheet provides a fun and hands-on way for students to practice adding and subtracting 1 and 10 from a given number. Students spin a number on the spinner and write it in the center of the grid. Then they write 10 less, 10 more, 1 less, and 1 more to complete the grid.

Winter More and Less Math Worksheet

How Many More to Make 10

This activity is ideal for students that are still mastering addition to 10. Using the ten frame, students can visually see how many more circles are required to make 10. This is a great way to introduce missing addends and reinforce number bonds for the number 10.

Making 10 Winter Math Worksheet

Missing Addends

Missing addends can be a tricky concept for some students to master. This math worksheet provides a visual way for children to find the missing addend for numbers to 20.

Missing Addends Math Worksheet

Winter Time

Telling Time to the hour and 1/2 hour is covered by several worksheets in the bundle. This activity has students draw the time on the analog clock to match the hour shown.

Telling Time Math Worksheet

Winter Measurement

Students measure Winter objects using a non-standard unit of measurement. This is a great printable to reinforce beginning measurement skills with 1st-grade students.

Winter Measurement Worksheet

ABC Order Cut and Paste

Teach and reinforce ABC order by having students cut and paste Winter objects in alphabetical order. An alphabet line and a picture beside each word are provided to support beginning readers.

Winter ABC Order Worksheet

Let’s Read CVCe Words

The Winter literacy packet contains a Let’s Read CVCe Words worksheet for each of the vowels. In this activity, students read the long vowel word, write the word in the letterboxes, and color the matching picture.

Read and Color CVCE words worksheet

Let’s Edit Winter Sentences

Beginning punctuation skills are covered with this grammar worksheet. For each sentence, students circle the words that need to be capitalized. Then, students write the correct sentence beneath.

Winter Sentences Worksheet

Nouns and Verbs Sort

Beginning grammar skills are covered with numerous worksheets including this cut and paste activity that has students sort nouns and verbs.

Winter Noun and Verb Sorting Activity

Chilly Contractions

Another grammar activity included is the Chilly Contractions printable. Students use the word bank to help them write the matching contraction for each pair of words.

Winter Contractions Worksheet

Label the Girl Skiing

Labeling is a great beginner writing activity. This worksheet supports students by including a word bank and letterboxes so students are able to label the girl skiing with confidence.

Winter Labeling Worksheet

I hope you find these packets helpful in your teaching during the winter months!

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