Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities 1st Grade Bundle

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. The Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities First Grade Bundle is brimming with no prep printables that can be used in math and literacy centers, for morning work, with early finishers, and for distance learning. All the Valentine’s Day worksheets are aligned to essential first grade standards and outcomes, so you can be sure that your students are working on important skills while having fun.

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Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities Kindergarten Bundle

Valentine's Day 1st Grade Activities

The following worksheets are included in the Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities 1st Grade Bundle:

Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets

Numbers to 20

  • Spin and Color a Ten Frame
  • Valentine’s Day Ten Frames
  • How Many More to Make 10
  • Valentine’s Day Number Words
  • Spin and Color a Ten Frame (Numbers to 20)
  • Valentine’s Day Ten Frames II (Numbers to 20)
  • Spin and Build a Number (Numbers to 20)
  • Counting Forward
  • Counting Backwards
  • Valentine’s Day Number Words II (Numbers to 20)
  • Valentine’s Day Tally Count

Numbers to 50

  • Numbers 1-50 Maze
  • Skip Counting by 5s
  • Numbers to 100
  • Skip Counting by 10s
  • Skip Counting by 2s
  • One More One Less
  • Race to 100
  • Numbers to 120 (Trace the numbers chart)
  • Number Puzzles (100 chart grids)
  • Valentine’s Day Number Order
  • Number Comparison
  • Place Value
  • Base Ten Spin and Color

Addition and Subtraction

  • Number Bonds to 20
  • Missing Addends
  • Doubles True or False
  • Doubles Plus 1
  • Spin and Add
  • Color by Addition
  • Subtraction with a Number Line
  • Subtraction with Ten Frames
  • Fact Families

Shapes and Money

  • 2D Shape Properties: Sides
  • 2D Shape Properties: Corners
  • Valentine’s Day Shopping (coins)

Valentine’s Day Literacy Worksheets

  • ABC Order
  • The I Love List (Valentine List Writing Page)
  • Valentine’s Day Syllables
  • Beginning Blends (L Blends)
  • Beginning Blends (R Blends)
  • Beginning Blends (S Blends)
  • Find and Color Digraphs (ch and sh)
  • Find and Color Digraphs (sh and th)
  • Digraphs Sound & Write (ch)
  • Digraphs Sound & Write (sh)
  • Digraphs Sound & Write (th)
  • Long Vowels Love Race
  • 4 in a Row R-Controlled Vowels
  • Valentine’s Day Nouns
  • Singular & Plural Nouns
  • Common and Proper Nouns
  • Antonyms & Synonyms
  • Valentine’s Day Complete Sentences
  • Valentine’s Day Sentence Punctuation
  • Valentine’s Day Capitalization
  • Valentine’s Day Contractions
  • Describe Cupid
  • Sight Word Search x 2 pages
  • Colorful Hearts
  • Parts of an Envelope
  • How to make a Valentine

Below you will find a small sample of the no prep printables included in the Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities 1st Grade Bundle:

Valentine’s Day Ten Frames

This activity is ideal for students that need to reinforce their knowledge of numbers 1 to 10. Students fill in the ten frame with the matching number of dots as the numeral in the heart.

Valentine’s Day Number Words

In this cute activity, students read the number word and color the matching numeral.

Valentine’s Day Ten Frames II

Teen numbers can be tricky as their names don’t follow the common rule and the concept of more than 10 can be difficult for some students to understand. In this worksheet, students start by filling in the ten frames to match the teen number in the heart. They can visually see the idea of 10 plus how much more for each teen number.

Spin and Color a Ten Frame

This activity reinforces knowledge of teen numbers in a fun and interactive way. Students spin a number and color the matching ten frame.

Spin and Build a Number

In this fun and engaging activity, students are provided with an interactive way to build teen numbers. Students spin a number and color the empty ten frame to match this number. Then, they complete the addition problem to build a teen number. The concept of ten plus more is shown with ten frames and with an addition fact.

Race to 100

Ten frames stacked on top of each other are used to show that 10 lots of tens make 100. Students spin a number and color the corresponding number of hearts in the ten frames. First player to get to 100 wins the race. This is a great way for students to count by 10s and 1s to 100.

Valentine’s Day Color by Addition

This activity extends students by having students complete addition problems with 3 addends. Students use 3 dice to create an addition problem and color the matching result in the picture. This activity is a great activity to use in math centers paired with math blocks or other math manipulatives.

Doubles True or False

Learning doubles facts is an important math strategy that can be used as an anchor for the near doubles facts and other addition strategies. In this activity, students color the doubles facts that are true. A number line is provided to support students in checking the answers.

Place Value

Place value is a foundational skill for further mathematical learning. In this activity, students reinforce their knowledge of place value by decomposing numbers into tens and ones and showing their relationship to each other through an addition fact.

Number Bonds to 20

Number bonds help children understand how numbers work and to see the relationship between numbers. In this activity, students complete number bonds for numbers to 20. This activity is great for math centers paired with math manipulatives.

Valentine’s Day Syllables

An essential concept beginning readers have to understand is that words are divided into syllables or word parts. In this activity, students clap the syllables out for each Valentine’s Day object and sort it into the correct number of syllables.

Beginning Blends

Essential phonic skills are covered including blends with this activity. Children say the name of the object, color the matching blend, and then write the blend beneath to complete the word. The remaining part of the word without the blend is already provided for tracing to support children in their spelling skills.

Digraphs Sound & Write

 In this phonics activity, children say the name of the object, identify and color the sounds, and then write the complete word.

Singular and Plural Nouns

Beginning grammar skills are covered with a variety of printables. In this activity, children sort and paste Valentine’s Day objects into singular and plural nouns.

Common and Proper Nouns

In this activity, students sort nouns into common and proper nouns by coloring hearts.

Valentine’s Day Contractions

Using the word bank, students write the correct contraction for each pair of words.

How to Make a Valentine

Procedural writing is an important skills for students to master. This activity supports students by providing pictures as prompts and the first word for each sentence.

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Valentine's Day Math Activities for 1st Grade
Valentine's Day Literacy Activities for 1st Grade

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I hope you find these packets helpful in your teaching during Valentine’s Day!


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