Spring Measurement Math Center FREE

Spring is my favorite season. The flowers are in bloom, the weather is warmer and the outdoors can be enjoyed. To celebrate Spring, I have created this FREE Spring Measurement Math Center. This math activity will have your children measuring Spring objects using a base ten rod and recording the results. It’s an ideal math center for introducing non-standard measurement.

Spring Measurement Freebie Cover


In this activity, students measure each of the spring objects and record their results on the worksheet.

There are color and blackline versions included in the packet.

Spring measurement Cards Color


The blackline Spring measurement cards  can be used in math notebooks instead of in math centers.

Spring measurement Cards

This activity is ideal for introducing measurement to Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Spring Measurement Worksheet


To download the Spring Measurement Math Center, click on the link or on any of the images.

I hope you find this activity helpful in your teaching!


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