Spring Math and Literacy Activities (1st Grade)

Happy Spring Teachers! Spring is in the air and these no-prep Spring-themed math and literacy activities are a fun way to help your students meet essential outcomes and skills during the last quarter of the school year. The activities have been designed with 1st-grade students in mind and can be used in centers, small groups, morning work, and with substitutes.

Spring Math and Literacy Activities for 1st grade students.
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Activities included in the Spring Math and Literacy Activities (1st Grade) packet.

The following activities are included in the Spring Math and Literacy Activities (1st Grade) packet:

Spring Literacy Activities

Alphabet Letters

• Spring Order

Short & Long Vowel Word Study

• Short Vowels Review

• Short or Long Vowel (long a)

• Short or Long Vowel (long e)

• Short or Long Vowel (long i)

• Short or Long Vowel (long o)

• Short or Long Vowel (long u)


• Spring L Blends

• Spring R Blends

• Spring S Blends

• Blends Color and Write

Digraphs & Diphthongs

• Digraphs Color and Write

• Ending Digraphs

• Diphthong Search

R-Controlled Vowels

• R-Controlled Vowels

• R-Controlled Vowels Sound and Write (ar)

• R-Controlled Vowels Sound and Write (or)


• Common Nouns Color and Write

• Singular and Plural Nouns

• Nouns and Verbs

• Spring Action

• Spring Punctuation 

Word Study

• Compound Words

• Colorful Sight Words (2 pages)


• Label & Complete the Sentence (2 pages)

Spring Math Activities

Numbers to 100

• Tens and Ones

• Dimes and Pennies

• Spring Skip Counting

• Ten Less & Ten More

• Ten Less & Ten More II

• Counting On and Back

• Comparing Numbers

• Spin &Compare Numbers

Addition & Subtraction

• Spring Addition

• Number Line Addition

• Spring Addition Mystery

• Addition with 3 Addends

• Color by Addition

• Spring Fact Families

• Double-Digit Addition

• Spring Subtraction

• Spending Pennies

• Spring Subtraction Mystery

• Match the Facts


• Parts of a Group

• Parts of a Whole

• Spring Fractions

• Spin & Color by Fraction

Time, Measurement, & Data

• Spring Time I (to the hour)

• Spring Time II (to the hour)

• Spring Time III (1/2 hour)

• Spring Time IV (1/2 hour)

• Color by Measurement Purpose

• Spring Measurement (Inches)

• Bug Collection Picture Graph 

Patterning & Shapes

• Shape Riddles

Let’s have a look at a sample of these Spring activities in action.

Spring Literacy Activities

In the Spring Math and Literacy (1st Grade) packet, you will find a large variety of literacy activities that range from foundational phonic skills to sight words and grammar. These activities require no prep; just print and use them in your centers, small groups, for morning work or early finishers. Below is a small sample of the Spring literacy activities included in the packet.

Your students will love practicing putting words in alphabetical order with this worksheet. A variety of Spring items need to be alphabetized and written in the letterboxes. The alphabet is provided as a reference to help students.

Spring Alphabetical Order Activity.

Teaching students that a vowel has two sounds is usually introduced in first grade. In the Short or Long Vowel worksheets students look at the picture and write the missing letters to complete the word. This activity is a great way to reinforce the difference between short and long vowel sounds between CVC and CVCe words. A worksheet for each vowel is included in the packet.

Short or Long Vowel phonics worksheet for reviewing the difference between CVC and CVCe words.

Another collection of phonics activities included in the packet is the blends worksheets. As exemplified by the R Blends worksheet below, students identify the matching beginning blend for each picture and write the complete word beneath the picture.

Spring R Blends worksheet for teaching and reviewing r blends.

A digraph is a combination of two letters that make one sound. A consonant digraph combines two consonants together to make one sound. The Ending Digraphs worksheet is a great way to reinforce the ch, sh, and th ending consonant digraphs. Students look at the picture and color the matching ending digraph. Then students write the complete word beneath the picture.

Ending Digraphs activity for reviewing ending consonant digraphs.

R-controlled vowels are vowels that are followed by the letter ‘r’. The letter’r’ is often referred to as bossy r as it changes the sound of the vowel it follows. R-controlled vowels can be tricky for students to learn. This worksheet is a great way for students to review the various r-controlled vowels. Students look at the picture, color the matching r-controlled vowel sound they hear, and write the complete word beneath the picture.

R Controlled Vowels worksheet.

First graders are introduced to a variety of grammar concepts including nouns, verbs, adjectives, beginning capitalization skills, and more. The Spring Math and Literacy packet includes several grammar worksheets that can be used to reinforce 1st-grade grammar skills.

In the Nouns and Verbs worksheet, students identify and sort words by whether they are a noun or a verb. Students color the words in the flowers using the color code and write the words in the matching columns.

Nouns and Verb Activity.

First graders expand their writing skills from letters and words to complete sentences. Your students will love labeling the Spring picture and using the labeling words to complete the sentences. This activity will help them grow their Spring vocabulary and reinforce beginning reading and spelling skills.

Label and Complete the Sentences Spring Writing Worksheet.

Spring Math Activities

The Spring Addition worksheet uses dominoes as a visual support to introduce students to vertical addition. Students count the dots on each domino and write the addition problem vertically. Then, students count the dots to find the sum.

Domino math addition worksheet

Once students understand vertical addition, they can use the following worksheet to practice addition with 3 addends. Before they can solve the addition problems, students have to use the code to write out their addition problems. Pair this activity with math counters or math blocks and you have a ready-made fun Spring math center.

Addition with 3 addends math worksheet.

Another fun and engaging way for students to practice their addition facts is with the Color by Addition worksheet. Students roll the dice, add the dots and color the section with the matching number. This no-prep math activity can be used in math centers, for morning work, with early finishers or for homework.

Color by Addition math worksheet

In first grade, students are introduced to the concept of partitioning shapes to create fractions. Using shapes such as circles and rectangles, students will be able to identify various fractions in these shapes.

In the Spring Fractions worksheet, students color one part in each partitioned shape and then identify the fraction.

Spring Fractions worksheet for identifying common fractions in partitioned shapes.

Similarly, in the Spin & Color by Fraction worksheet, students spin a fraction and color the required number of parts in the matching partitioned circle.

Spring Fractions math activity for identifying common fractions in a partitioned circle.

Telling Time to the hour and half-hour is introduced in Grade 1. Both these essential skills are covered in the Spring Math and Literacy Activities packet. The Spring Time IV worksheet reviews time to the half-hour. Students read the analog clock and write the matching time on the digital clock.

Telling time to the half hour no prep worksheet.

The Spring Measurement worksheet allows students to practice standard linear measurement using inches. Beside each Spring object is a picture of a ruler which students use for measuring. This no-prep activity is great for morning work, early finishers and homework.

Spring measurement worksheet.

The Shape Riddles worksheet will help students identify the attributes for common 2d shapes. For each shape, students record how many sides and corners the shape has. Then, using this as a reference, students solve the shape riddles.

2D shapes math activity for first grade students.

Lots more activities are included in the Spring Math and Literacy (1st Grade) Bundle. Click on the link below to purchase the packet.

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Spring Math and Literacy Activities for First Grade.

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