Like so many countries around the world, many teachers here are moving to online teaching and digital activities. Never have digital resources become so invaluable in providing access to educational activities as they have during this challenging time. A great platform for delivering digital activities is the Boom Learning platform. Boom Cards are self-checking digital task cards that students can play on various devices. Teachers will find many of its features helpful one of which is that the digital task cards are self-checking and a reporting system is integrated with your account.

Today I wanted to highlight the Spring Graphing Boom Cards that I have recently created. With these Spring Graphing Boom Cards, students will practice building picture graphs and answering data questions based on the graphs.

Spring Graphing Boom Cards

The Spring Graphing Boom Cards are a fun and interactive digital activity to help students learn how to analyze, sort and record data!

Students drag and drop Spring items on to the empty graph to create the picture graph.

Spring Graphing Boom Cards

Once students have completed creating the picture graph, they count the total number for each item. They will record these answers in the chart provided. Then students will answer which item had the most and which item had the least.

Spring Graphing Boom Cards

Once students complete the graphing and analysis, they submit their answers for immediate checking. Self-checking is built into the graphing activities so students can correct their mistakes.

Spring Graphing Boom Card showing correct answers


Students can create graphs with items up to 5 and items up to 10. There are a total of 8 picture graphs for students to build and analyze. This deck includes a menu page so specific graphing activities can be selected.

Spring Graphing to 5 Boom Cards
Spring Graphing to 10 Boom Cards

Click here to preview the Spring Graphing Boom Cards.

Boom Cards can be purchased directly on the Boom Learning website or through my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Spring Graphing Boom Cards

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