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My children loved playing math games that involved rolling dice and building math cube towers. They loved the challenge of building the tallest towers and comparing their towers to see who won the game. Based on this concept, I have created the ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ St. Patrick’s Day math game.

St Patrick's Day Math Center - Lucky Leprechaun

In this fun and engaging game, children roll dice and build towers with the matching number of blocks. At the end of the game, they see who the ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ was by counting to see who had the most number of math cubes.

St Patrick's Day Math Center - Lucky Leprechaun

This St. Patrick’s Day math game can be differentiated in a number of ways including writing the numbers on the shamrocks and adding them at the end to see who got the greatest score. Also, the game mat comes in a black and white version that can be used as a no-prep printable.

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