CVCE Words Blend and Read Cards and Activities

After learning to segment, blend and read CVC words, students are ready to move on to learning to read CVCE words. The CVCE Blend and Read Dot Cards and Activities is a great way to support beginning and struggling readers in mastering reading CVCE words. The cards and worksheets include dots beneath the letters and arrows to remind students to isolate each sound and to blend them together to read the whole word. With practice, students build mastery in segmenting and blending the CVCE words, which leads to building fluency in reading.

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Once your students have had practice in reading CVC words and have a strong knowledge of consonant sounds and short vowel sounds, they are ready to begin learning to read CVCE words. This is accomplished by teaching children the long vowel sounds and how to blend the sounds in CVCE words with the silent e.

The CVCE Words Blend and Read packet includes blend and read cards for 111 CVCE words that children can use for practicing segmenting and blending.

The CVCE Word Blend and Read cards come in two versions:

  • CVCE word cards with a dot beneath each letter
  • CVCE word cards with a dot beneath each letter and an arrow beneath the dots

How to use the CVCE Word Blend and Read Cards

The CVCE word blending cards have dots to help children isolate the sounds in the CVCE word. The dots serve as a visual reminder for students to stop and pause between individual sounds when blending or segmenting CVCE words.

The second set of CVCE Blend and Read cards includes an arrow to show the direction in which to blend the sounds to read the CVCE word. To use the cards, have the student firstly follow the dots to segment each letter sound, then follow the arrow to blend the sounds together to read the CVCE word.

In addition to the word cards, there are Blend and Read worksheets to reinforce blending and segmenting CVCE words. Children cut and paste the pictures beside the matching CVCE word. As with the word cards, there are dots beneath each letter to help children with isolating and blending the sounds in the CVCE word.

The packet includes 28 worksheets. The CVCE Blend and Read worksheets include:

  • 8 Long A worksheets
  • 6 Long I worksheets
  • 4 Long O worksheets
  • 2 Long U worksheets
  • 8 Mixed Long Vowel worksheets
CVCE Blend and Read Worksheet

The CVCE Words Blend and Read cards are ideal for Kindergarten and First Grade students. They can be used with individual students and small reading groups. The Blend and Read worksheets can be used in the classroom to reinforce a lesson or for homework.

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Another great resource for word work is the CVC Word Building Bundle.


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