The Chinese New Year falls on the 1st of February in 2022. Save time and be ready to teach with the Chinese New Year Activities packet. This packet contains activities for Google Slides™ and no prep worksheets that cover math and literacy skills while teaching students about the Chinese New Year. Included are activities such as a classroom survey, printable games, comprehension activities, writing prompts, maths activities, booklets to make, and more. See the full list of activities below.


The following activities are included in the Chinese New Year No Prep Activities Packet.

  • Chinese New Year Addition Bump
  • Chinese Zodiac Spin & Graph
  • Zodiac Animals
  • Zodiac Animal Scramble
  • Zodiac Animal ABC Order
  • Zodiac Animal Word Search
  • Chinese New Year Symbols
  • Can You Eat with Chopsticks Survey?
  • Comprehension Check: Chinese New Year
  • Chinese Lantern Festival 
  • Chinese New Year Picture Writing Prompt
  • China Picture Writing Prompt
  • What is your favorite part of the Chinese New Year writing prompt (boy and girl versions included)
  • How would you catch a dragon writing prompt
  • Chinese Numbers 1 to 10 tracing worksheet
  • Count and Color Chinese objects
  • Chinese New Year Ten Frames (1-10)
  • Chinese Coin Addition
  • Chinese Dominoes Addition
  • Chinese Coins Subtraction
  • Chinese Money Count (Tally Marks)
  • Chinese New Year Word Search
  • Label the Dragon
  • Label the Tiger
  • Chinese New Year Scrambled Sentence
  • The Dragon Dance scrambled sentence
  • Chinese Zodiac scrambled sentence
  • What’s Your Chinese Animal Sign? (3 pages)
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal Coloring pages (12 pages)
  • Comparing New Year’s Customs Graphic Organizer
  • Chinese New Year KWL Chart
  • My Chinese New Year Booklet (Vocabulary)
  • My Chinese Zodiac Book

Let’s take a look at a sample of the activities included in the Chinese New Year Activities packet.

Chinese New Year Activities for Google Slides™

Selected Chinese New Year activities have been created for Google Slides™. Click play on the video to see a sample of some of the activities in action. These digital activities have been updated for the 2022 Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year 2022 Scrambled Sentence

Students build a simple sentence to match the picture. Then they write the complete sentence beneath.


The Dragon Dance Scrambled Sentence

This is another scrambled sentence activity which is suitable for Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Chinese New Year Reading Comprehension Check

Students read and learn about the Chinese New Year in this comprehension check. This is an ideal activity for small reading groups.

Chinese New Year Writing Prompt

This Chinese New Year writing prompt contains a helpful word list to support writers with their spelling, a writing checklist, and a cute Chinese New Year dragon coloring picture.

Label the Dragon

Labeling is an emergent writing skill and an ideal activity for Kindergarten and 1st-grade students. A word list and letterboxes are provided to assist students in labeling the dragon correctly.

Can You Eat with Chopsticks? Classroom Survey

Can you eat with chopsticks? Students will be engaged and have so much fun doing this survey activity which covers math skills and cultural study outcomes at the same time.

Chinese New Year Count and Color

This quick counting activity is ideal for morning work, math centers, early finishers, and distance learning. Students count the Chinese objects and color the matching number. The cute pictures are perfect for the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Addition Bump Game

This no-prep activity is ideal for math centers. Children roll a pair of dice, add the numbers and place a counter on the matching sum. But be careful! If another player rolls the same result they can bump you off.

Chinese Dominoes Addition Activity

The oldest domino set was found in China and dates back to 1120 AD! Reinforce basic addition skills with this worksheet in which students add the dots on each domino.

Chinese Money Count

Teach and reinforce tally marks with this fun cut and paste activity. Great for math centers or for homework.

I hope you find these activities helpful in your teaching during the Chinese New Year holiday period!


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