Welcome to United Teaching, where my mission is to equip teachers, homeschoolers, and parents with resources that ignite a lifelong love for learning.

My story is deeply rooted in my homeschooling experience and teaching my children with dyslexia. When I was pursuing my Master’s in Education, our family embarked on our homeschooling journey. Off-the-shelf homeschool curricula often felt uninspiring and dry, lacking hands-on and engaging activities that are vital for a well-rounded learning experience. I frequently found myself scouring the internet for activities to supplement our curriculum and make learning enjoyable for my children.

This led me to create my own activities, aiming to foster curiosity and make education an enjoyable adventure while mastering essential skills and outcomes. Witnessing the transformation of my children, from seeing school as a chore to embracing it as a joyous experience, ignited my passion to share these resources with other educators.

As our homeschool journey continued, we encountered the challenge of dyslexia. Teaching my children to read while keeping the process enjoyable became even more vital. I recognized that a robust phonics program was not just essential for my children with dyslexia but benefited all learners, providing a solid foundation for literacy. This experience prompted the creation of the Science of Reading aligned phonics resources, suitable for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

At United Teaching, my mission is clear: to equip educators, particularly in kindergarten, with resources that nurture a love for learning in their students. My commitment to enjoyable learning is exemplified through resources that save time and energy, allowing educators to focus on inspiring and empowering the next generation of lifelong learners.

Whether you need to supplement what you’re doing in the classroom or you’re looking for ways to teach your children at home, I genuinely hope you find these educational resources helpful.

Together, let’s make learning a fun!